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About Us

The United Bong County Association in the Americas, Inc., (UBCAA), is a community-based non-profit membership organization that serves as an umbrella organization for citizens, residents, former residents, and friends of Bong County, Republic of Liberia, residing in the Americas. 


The mission of (UBCAA) is to promote unity and cooperation amongst members, harness resources for humanitarian programs, and advance social and cultural ties between the peoples of Bong County and those in the Americas for mutual benefits.


  • To provide a forum where Bong County citizens, residents, former residents, and friends can discuss ideas and find solutions to issues pertinent to their common interests. 
  • To create collaborative partnerships in coordinating resources for humanitarian programs in education, health, agriculture, and women/girls’ empowerment projects.

UBCCA Overview 

The formation of the United Bong County Association in the Americas, Inc. (UBCAA) started in the early 1990s when citizens of Bong County traveled from Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and other states to Providence, Rhode Island. 

They met with the vision of forming an umbrella organization that will align resources and interests and harness talents within the various Bong County communities. They set the goals to unite citizens and residents of Bong County and provide a forum where members can discuss and find solutions to matters pertinent to their communities. 

Rhode Island was chosen as the founding meeting place of UBCAA because it was the home of Kukatonor, a vibrant Bong County organization. The State was also hospitable to new Liberian immigrants who had fled from the civil war in their native land.

Decades later, to meet the current needs and common interests, at the 2019 UBCAA General Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, the membership of UBCAA unanimously voted on a revised constitution to transform UBCAA into a 501 C 3 non-profit organization. The membership of UBCAA adapted its new non-profit status to attract a broader partnership in finding resources to address the critical needs facing their communities in the USA and Liberia.

The UBCAA Presidents

Jonathan O. David – Interim (1990)
Mr. J. Bartee Tubah (1991)
D. Samuel Nushann (1993)
Victor Enders (1995) (Deceased)
Ellen Brown – Acting President (1996)
Mohamed Kromah (1998)
Dennis Garsinii – Interim Chairman (2000)
Dennis B. Garsinii (2001)
Joe Flomo Matthew (2007)
Christian K. Kolleh (2011)
David Flomo (2014)
Samuel M. Sondah (2017)
Caimon Joe Kollie (2021-Current)