How to Become a UBCAA Member Chapter? 

The process of becoming a UBCAA chapter is easy. Any group of Bong County citizens, former residents, and residents can form a chapter by completing these steps: 

  1. Get organized and complete your legal registration within your State. 
  2. Elect/select your core of officers.
  3. Complete UBCAA Chapter Membership Online Form.
  4. Send a letter of intent to the National President. 
  5. The National President will review your application and forward it to the Board of Directors for approval. 
  6. If the Board of Directors needs additional information or clarification, the National President will contact the applicant to get the requested information. 
  7. The Board of Directors will act promptly to approve a chapter membership to encourage the chapter expansion efforts of the Association.

After the Board’s approval process, the National President will introduce the newly approved UBCAA Chapter to General Assembly.