The UBCAA Women Program

The United Bong County Association in the Americas, Inc. (UBCAA) Women Program committee coordinates programs and activities that unite Bong County women and partners to celebrate women and girls’ achievements and address the critical issues facing women and girls in the community.

The Main Focus of the UBCAA Women Program 

1. Develop programs or activities that unite women in addressing the critical issues facing women and girls in the community, both in the U. S. A. and in Bong County, Liberia.
2. Network with other women groups or individuals to develop partnerships and collaborative programs.
3. Develop and implement a strategy for recruiting new members to the UBCAA Women Group.
4. Create a Bong County women database in the USA.
5. Mentor and empower women and girls to achieve their potential in their chosen profession or trade.
6. Celebrate women and girls’ excellence and achievements.
7. Provide need-based and merit-based academic scholarships to underprivileged/vulnerable girls.
8. Advise the UBCAA Executive Leadership on women-related issues. 

For more information or you want to join/volunteer with the UBCAA Women Group, please get in touch with us at the contact information below:

Mrs. Nellie S. Beyan-Olabige
Chair, the UBCAA Women Group
Phone: 402-301-5058